Manage your company’s funds anytime, anywhere with Optima Online!

Sterling Bank Optima Online (Optima Online) is the internet based on-line banking facility of SBA intended for business enterprises to help enhance their operational efficiency through borderless and on-demand access to their SBA accounts.

Optima Online answers to provide business customers a tool to help enhance their business's operational efficiency by providing cost efficient services to better enhance their control of funds.

Optima Online offers flexible financial options so you can enjoy these online services:



Accessing of account 24/7

Accessing of balances and transaction history anytime, anywhere



Transfer Funds Easily

Fast and reliable funds transfer within your own accounts or to a third party Sterling Bank account



Bills Payment

Hassle-free payment of bills



Checkbook Reorder and
Manager's Check Requisition

Easy requisition of checkbook/
manager's check

Optimize your business potential through Optima Online now!

Security level of Optima Online

Optima Online is supported by a multi-level security layers:

1. Access security through Customer Information File No. (CIF No.)
2. Access security through User ID and Password
3. Site authentication and certification by Verisign
4. Data encryption using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer

5. Network integrity through the use of the firewalls and
    intrusion detection software.
6. Operational check-and-balance through the built-in approval
    workflow facility, allowing business enterprises to design the
    approval path for transactions based. Users can be created and
    assigned a role such as maker, verifier, and authorizer.

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