As your personal financial advisor, the Bank will gladly help you achieve your financial objectives by helping you choose the right investment portfolio for you.  Manage, preserve and grow your wealth through any of our personal services:

Personal Living Trust
Under a personal living trust arrangement, we can help you in managing a portion of your estate or your real/personal property that you want to set aside, for the primary benefit of a third party or beneficiary.


What is a Living Trust?

LIVING TRUST refers to trust agreements where the trustor creates a separate estate out of his general estate, to be managed by the trust institution, for the benefit of the designated beneficiaries, which could be the trustor and a third person(s) or third person(s) only. Under this trust agreement, the trustor cannot create a trust with himself as the sole beneficiary.

Living trust agreements shall define the functions and authorities of the trustee and must include provisions on the following:



- The purpose or intention of the trust;
- The nature and value of the property or sum of money
   that comprise the trust;

- The trustee’s investment powers;
- The name(s) of the beneficiaries; and
- The terms and conditions under which the
   income and / or principal of the trust is to be
   paid or to be disposed of during the lifetime
   and ultimately, upon the death of the Trustor
   or upon the occurrence of a specific event(s).

The trust shall be operative during the lifetime of the trustor and may either be irrevocable or revocable as explicitly indicated in the agreement.

Irrevocable Living Trust – Is where the Trustor decides to permanently designate his/her beneficiary/ies. Said arrangement would entail the Trustor to pay the necessary taxes (Donor’s Tax) as mandated by the law.

Revocable Living Trust – Is where the Trustor decides to designate his/her beneficiary/ies but retains the option to reassign or re-delegate a new beneficiary/ies.

Personal Pension Fund
Thru our Personal Pension Fund, we help you by managing all your desired contributions to your personal pension fund, for the primary purpose of getting periodic income from your investment at convenient payment terms.

Investment Management Account (IMA)
Thru our Investment Management Account (IMA), we can help you choose the right investment portfolio to satisfy your personal wealth aspirations.





Trust products and services are Trust and Investment Management arrangements and NOT deposit accounts or obligations of, or guaranteed, or insured by the trust entity or its affiliates or subsidiaries; are NOT covered by PDIC; and yields or income are likewise NOT guaranteed. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of similar future result.



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