As your personal financial advisor, the Bank will gladly help you achieve your financial objectives by helping you choose the right investment portfolio for you.  Manage, preserve and grow your wealth through any of our personal services:


These are special trust services for financial needs beyond the norm.Thru our Escrow service, we help you manage and safe-keep your financial resources like money, securities or even properties, with the expected delivery only upon the fulfillment of a certain event or condition you prescribed.



What is escrow?

ESCROW refers to agency agreements, where the trust institution holds money, securities or properties deposited by the principal, the eventual delivery of which to a third party shall be contingent upon the happening of a certain event or upon the
action taken by the principal or third party, or both.

These are special trust services for financial needs beyond the norm. Under our Safekeeping service, we help you by safekeeping your personal valuables that can be in the form of instruments like transfer certificate of title or certificate of deposits that we shall conveniently return to you upon your instructions.



What is safekeeping?

SAFEKEEPING refers to agency agreements where the property owner turns over to the trust institution his valuables or other instruments such as or those similar to transfer certificate of title or certificate of deposits, where the trust institution has no other duty but to keep the property safe and return or deliver the same to the owner upon the latter’s order or instruction.





Trust products and services are Trust and Investment Management arrangements and NOT deposit accounts or obligations of, or guaranteed, or insured by the trust entity or its affiliates or subsidiaries; are NOT covered by PDIC; and yields or income are likewise NOT guaranteed. Historical performance, when presented, is purely for reference purposes and is not a guarantee of similar future result.



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