Given today’s volatile financial markets, we want to give you the power of choosing how you can fully maximize the earning potential of your hard-earned money through our Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs).



What are Unit Investment Trust Funds?
Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) are open-ended pooled trust funds.  These are investment portfolios that pool together funds of clients that have similar investment objectives.

At Sterling Bank of Asia, we give you the opportunity to increase the value of your funds through our affordable UITFs. Sterling Bank of Asia Trust Group has launched three (3) UITFs namely:


•    Sterling Money Market Fund

•    Sterling Balanced Fund

•    Sterling Bank Philequity Feeder Fund 


Visit us online @ www.uitf.com.ph

This website is a UITF Resource Center Sponsored by members of the Trust Officers Association of the Philippines (TOAP) to provide relevant information and data about unit investment trust funds (UITFs) of the participating TOAP members.


Like any other UITFs, Sterling Bank of Asia’s Unit Investment Trust Funds are NOT deposit products but are Trust Products.  Due to the nature of investment, yield and potential yield do not carry any guaranteed rate of return, and the investment is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

Any income and loss arising from market fluctuations and price volatility of securities held by the UITFs, even if invested in government securities, is for the account of the investor.  Historical performance when presented is purely for reference purposes and not a guarantee of similar future results.


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