Choose a payroll system that’s
secured & free.

Stop spending much on expensive payroll system. The Optima Business Banking Solution comes absolutely free and secured Payroll System that gives you total control of your system’s access through the assignment or limiting of its authorized users.

Optima Payroll System comes with a software developed exclusively for Sterling Bank of Asia customers to provide an electronic solution for Human Resource Management and payroll processing of any business size that allows businesses to:

 Automates payroll processing
With this system you can eliminate tedious process of manual payroll computation and also manipulate government contributions per your employee. No need to worry on getting error results. Plus, its fast, convenient and accurate.

Enable users to upload payroll data

With this feature, you don’t need to encode raw data. It’s an easy way to save time and cost with having much efficiency added.

Provide an HR Information System (HRIS)

With this feature you minimize the use of recording/logging 201 files of your employees. It only does not help you record their data but also helps you monitor your employment record as well.

and Generate standard payroll reports

Finally, no need to input data payroll reports manually. Free yourself from the hassle of manually encoding Payroll registers, Payslips, Loan reports, Standard reports for SSS, Philhealth, HMDF and BIR. You’re just one click away from generating these data.  You can also, create Bank diskette for crediting and debit memos for  the Bank’s references.

* No ADB requirement for each payroll accounts enrolled.
* With free personalized technical support services

System Requirements:

For Server: OS- Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Core2 Duo; Memory: 4GB RAM;  CD-ROM drive; 1.44 disk drive; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor; CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device

For Work Station: OS- Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Dual Core; Memory: 2GB RAM; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor;  CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device; Printer (Laserjet/ Inkjet or Dot Matrix printer (w/ perforation tractor)

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