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Optima Check Writer uses corporate continuous check and corporate continuous check with voucher depending your requirements. Personalization of checks is also manageable.

It does not only provide a check-writing facility but also a comprehensive Accounts Payable System for a hassle-free monitoring and reconciliation of account payables and check payment preparation. Optima Check Writing Facility allows you to:

 Upload/Encode payables data
With this system, you get to eliminate the tedious process of manual check disbursement by easily uploading or manually encoding the Payables Data to the system - making sure all items are well-accounted for. 

Generate payables report with GL entries
You are just one click away from the hassles of computing GL entries. With optima check writing facility, payable reports are generated with its corresponding GL entries, automatically computed based from metrics set by clients lessening the possibilities of error.

Authorize and limits system access

With this feature, administrator can assign/limit other user’s access to certain features of the system locking them to certain functions only, customized for the specific user’s operation.

Print scanned signatures on checks

Another unique feature of this system is to recognize JPEG images of scanned signatures and be able to print it on the checks. This, saves signatories time in signing and transmitting checks. Also eliminating the error of ink smudges for legibility purposes.

Print BIR Form 2307

We all know how securing BIR forms can be a real hassle. With Optima, there’s no need to separately prepare BIR Form 2307.  Just easily print this form for you or your clients’ tax remittance requirements.

System Requirements:

For Server: OS- Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Core2 Duo; Memory: 4GB RAM;  CD-ROM drive; 1.44 disk drive; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor; CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device

For Work Station: OS- Windows XP, Pro, SP2; Processor- Dual Core; Memory: 2GB RAM; 1024x768 SVGA Monitor;  CD/DVD writer or any Back-up device; Printer (Laserjet/ Inkjet or Dot Matrix printer (w/ perforation tractor)

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