We keep your PDCs safe.

Free yourself from the tedious tasks of managing post-dated checks (PDCs) with Sterling Bank of Asia's Optima Check Warehousing. It safekeeps your PDCs and provide you regular detailed reports allowing you to review the outstanding balances anytime.

With Optima Check Warehousing, you'll have more time to concentrate on things that matter most - growing your business!

 Automatically deposit PDCs
Save precious time and free yourself from the hassles of going to the bank. Enjoy the convenience of depositing PDCs using the Optima Check Warehousing. Maturing PDCs are automatically credited to your account. 

On-time Crediting

Because you should be focusing on boosting company sales, let us credit your checks for you! With this service, you are assured of timely crediting of checks as the fall due.


The Optima Check Warehousing lets you inquire for all checks maturing on the next business date. Detailed reports are produced to summarize all business transactions. Reports can be accessed either via CD direct computer link-up or through the internet.

Check monitoring

The Optima Check Warehousing allows you to monitor and review check information and transactions done within the day or a specific date range. Sit back and allow us to help you keep track of your cash flow.

Security & Safe-keeping

Let us preserve, protect and build up your private assets. We safeguard your PDCs in a fireproof and secured safe, leaving you worry-free!


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