Whoever you are, our bank can provide you the right type of deposit service for your specific, evolving needs and guarantee you  the safety and accessibility you wish to enjoy.

Take your pick. You are assured that your money can save you anytime, whether during the rainy days or under the heat of the sun.





Solo Savings Account

Our Savings Account ensures
your peso savings the simplified processes it deserves to get. Open an account with whatever you have and together we will go a long way. 



Solo Dollar Savings Account

Having a Dollar Account should not sound foreign to you. Here we offer individual savings that come in ways simple and manageable.




Solo Yuan Savings Account 

Sterling Bank of Asia now offers to Individuals and Corporate clients the newest currency addition to its line of deposit products - Solo Yuan Savings Account! 


 Solo Basic Savings Account
An interest bearing deposit account that will characterize ease, accessibility, convenience and reasonable cost for the bank and customer. 




Duo Checking Account

Maximize your savings through the power of issued checks, along with a Visa Debit card. Earning potential is best realized as you may encash your checks at any Sterling Bank branch near you.



Prima Time Deposit

Time is of the essence. Let your money make some substantial gains through certain terms. Short-time deposits should serve your cool lifestyle long enough and thus we're providing you that privilege.



Prima Dollar Time Deposit

Take your time and let your dollar earnings grow ten-fold. Under the care of Prima,  your green money will flow freely like wine.




Maxima 3

Three year time deposit that gives you great way to maximize your funds for a 3-year investment term.



Maxima 5

Get rewarded with tax free earnings on a 5-year investment of as low as Php25,000. Maxima 5 gives you competitive market rates fixed for 5 years.


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