We're changing the way you pay -
the cashless way!

Now you can enjoy the convenience and privileges of shopping and dining without having to worry about your monthly bills. The ShopNPay Visa Debit and Prepaid Cards are plastic cards, which provide an alternative payment method to cash.

It is the ultimate medium for cashless convenience allowing the consumer access to their funds in several easy and practical methods.

Be empowered by the ShopNPay Visa Debit and Prepaid Cards – cashless convenience that will change the way you pay!

Debit Cards





The ShopNPay Visa Debit Card

This all new metallic look debit card has all the benefits that you need, all rolled into one. It's as good as cash, only better. Now you can enjoy the convenience and privileges of shopping and dining without having to worry about monthly bills.

ShopNPay USD Visa Debit Card
The ShopNPay U.S. Dollar
Visa Debit Card

First of its kind, this EMV chip enabled Visa Card lets you enjoy the most out of your travel experiences by giving you the freedom of spending and staying connected directly with your Solo Dollar funds whenever, wherever you want.

Prepaid Cards





The Classic Visa Prepaid Card
Offering you the most convenient way to use funds in millions of stores anywhere in the world. With neither requirement to open a bank account nor an account balance to observe and maintain.




The Visa USD Prepaid Card
Travel light with Sterling Bank’s ShopNPay USD Prepaid Card, the country’s first U.S. Dollar Visa Prepaid Card embedded with EMV Chip that offers a convenient and more secure payment for travelers around the globe.





The Visa Prepaid Loans Card
Get those Sterling Bank Loans straight to your wallets with the Prepaid Loans Card. No more waiting in line to get hold of your most needed cash. Use them anytime, anywhere!





The Visa Prepaid Gift Card
Now, sending cash to your loved ones has been made easy and secured! A convenient and reliable way to transfer funds. Use it to send remittance to your folks or allowances to your child. Plus, it's easily reloadable.





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