The dreaming ends, the driving begins.

Gear up and zoom your way in getting your dream car with Ultima Auto Loans.

If you're out to look for your first ever car or just can't wait to get hold of the car of your dreams, Ultima Auto Loans can make your longings happen. With fast processing, easy payment modes and flexible loan terms, Ultima Auto Loans is sure to end dreams and set you to start driving them.

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+632 8721-6000 or +632 8672-6300.

Product Features
Loanable Amount
Php100,000.00 and up
Loan Terms12 to 60 mos.(Brand New)
12 to 48 mos. (Second Hand)
Payment Options
Post-dated checks


Not less than 18 and not more than 65 years old.

Monthly amortization of the vehicle to be financed should not exceed 30% of the gross monthly income of the borrower.

For Employed:

At least 2 yrs. of continuous employment with current employer

Employer must be at least operating for 3 yrs.

For Self-employed:
Engaged in the business or profession for at least 3 yrs.

Business or profession must be profitable at least in the immediately preceding year

For Corporate:
At least operating profitably for at least 2 yrs.


-Completely filled-out Auto Loan Application Form
-Govt. issued ID (applicant & spouse )
-Income Tax Return and Audited FS
-Bank Statement
-Corp Secretary & Authorized Signatories
-SEC Certificate of Registration
-Articles of Incorporation or Partnership
-By-Laws (for corporation)
-Notarized Board Resolution /
  Partnership Resolution
-General Information Sheet
-List of Partners (for partnership)

-Income Tax Return or BIR Form 1701 or 2316
-Decree of legal Separation (if applicable)
-Notarized SPA or Affidavit of Marital Consent (if applicable)
-Proof of Billing

 Employed Locally:
-Original Contract of Employment(COE) w/ salary, position and length of service
-One (1) Month Pay Slip
Self-Employed/Sole Proprietor:

-Bank Statements (last 3 months)
-Trade References (3 suppliers & 3 customers)
-Certificate of Registration of Business Name (for proprietor)

If Employed Overseas:
-Latest COE from the Manning Agency w/ salary & position
-Proof of Remittance, Allotment Papers with Beneficiary Data, or any qualified equivalent (if applicable):Remittance receipt/slip, Bank Passbook, Bank Statement

Additional Requirements (Second Hand Vehicle)
-Original OR/CR (under the borrower’s/ applicant’s name)
-Other Requirements For Brand New & 2nd Hand Vehicles (if applicable)
-Notarized Deed of Sale
-PNP Clearance with Macro Etching
-3 Sets of LTO Stencils



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