Your dream home, made real.

If there's one thing everyone would always want to have, it's a better place to stay, a better place to build a future, and that one thing you want to call 'home'. 

Discovery Home Loans makes it possible for you to bring yourself a step closer to that dream. May it be a purchase of a residential lot, a house and lot perhaps, or a townhouse, or owning yourself a condo unit, even renovation, we let you discover a whole new future with 'No Fear' perspective.

make a choice and build your future now. We'll be happy enough to handle the rest.

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Product Features
Loanable Amount
Php500,000.00 up to Php10M or 80% of the property's appraised value
Loan Terms1 year to 20 years.
Age upon maturity not exceeding 65 
Payment Options
Post-dated checks;
Auto-debit arrangements



Filipino Citizen
21 years old, but not more than 65 years old upon maturity of the loan
If borrower is more than 60 years old, require co-maker

For Employed:
At least 2 years with present employer

For Self-employed:
Business should be at least 3 years in operation and profitable for the last 2 years and must be duly registered with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Combined monthly gross family income of at least P40,000.00

For married borrower/s, spouse will act as co-maker




General Requirements


  • Accomplished loan application form
  • Photocopy of TCTs/CCTs offered as collateral
  • Vicinity map, lot plan, tax declaration
  • Tax clearance and RETRs
  • Bill of materials / cost estimates and floor plans (for house construction/renovation/expansion)
  • Copy of two (2) valid IDs
  • Marriage contract (if married)
  • Cash or check payment for appraisal fee payable to Sterling Bank of Asia
  • Credit card / utility billing statements for the past three (3) months
  • Statement of account (for loan take-out) and proof of payment of last three (3) amortizations
  • Authority to appraise


Requirements in Post approval
  • Insurance coverage on housing unit
  • MRI on borrower
  • Post-dated checks
  • Submission of affidavit for the mortgage of family home

Additional Requirements for Self-employed
  • Business papers / permits / certificates (SEC, DTI, etc.)
  • Three (3) years audited or BIR filed and in-house financial statements
  • Accomplished basic business information
  • Bank statements for the last three (3) months

Additional Requirements for Employed Locally
  • Income tax return (ITR) for the past two (2) years
  • ITR of co-maker (if applicable) or W-2/BIR Form 2316
  • Original certificate of employment (COE) with compensation data and length of stay in company
  • Two (2) months payslip

Additional Requirements for Employed Overseas
  • Recent and active certificate of employment (COE) with salary and/or compensation data
  • ITR, if any
  • Proof of remittances or allotment papers with beneficiary data
  • Copy of job contract with duties and responsibilities
  • Special power of attorney (SPA)
  • Proof of income (if any)




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