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As your Business partner, Sterling Bank offers its wide range of Business Loans Products to answer demands and requirements of Businesses in their phases of growth or expansion. Our Business Loans is sure to give you that extra working capital in establishing or improving the business you've always cared about. And, we can even refinance your receivables.



Short Term Loans
A loan for one year or less to finance the company’s working capital requirement such as receivable and inventory. 

Trade Check Discounting

A loan versus the post dated checks issued by the borrower’s customers.

Import Letter of Credit (LC)
& Trust Receipt (TR)

LC is a contingent loan used to guaranty payment to foreign suppliers. Basically, an LC gives the seller (foreign supplier) assurance that he will receive the payment for the goods he shipped.

Once LC is negotiated, the importer’s bank pays the seller. Then an LC becomes a TR, wherein the borrower (importer) gets the delivery of imported goods but ownership, at least in paper, retains with the bank.

Domestic LC/ TR
A loan facility similar to Import LC however supplier is in the country.

Standby LC or Bank Guaranty
It is a contingent loan used to guarantee the borrower’s performance to a third-party beneficiary on a domestic contract obligation.

Term Loan
A loan for more than one year normally between five to seven years that is used to finance the company’s capital expenditures.

Developmental Loan
A loan extended to real estate developers. It is used to develop real estate property, which includes not just construction of the improvements, but also excavation work and infrastructure.

Domestic Bills Purchase
It provides day-to-day liquidity via purchase of dated checks without waiting for clearing time.






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