10 Mobile Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping has never been more convenient. With the smart phones and tablets, you can buy and pay for goods and services anywhere you may be. Here are practical measures to ensure that you protect your ShopNPay Debit and Prepaid Cards when mobile shopping.


  1. Know your device – if you lose your smartphone or tablet and it has personal information on it, or you left it logged in to an account which has access to your bank details, ensure that you have the ability to remotely wipe and disable your device. Enable “Find My iPhone” if you’re using iOS while Android users can use the “Android Device Manager.”
  2. Keep your mobile device’s software up to date – Regularly update mobile device’s software
  3. Use secure mobile apps - download mobile apps from official app stores, such as iTunes and the Android Market. When using the retailer’s app to make a purchase, find out if it is a secure connection, when in doubt, it is best to use their website through your mobile browser instead.
  4. Use secure networks – Secure your wireless router at home and avoid using public wi-fi when purchasing online. Turn-off your Bluetooth when not in use.
  5. Use strong and unique passwords – If possible, use numbers and symbols aside from letters when creating an account or signing up in mobile shopping apps.
  6. Remove auto-save function - Don't program your phone/mobile device or its apps to save your passwords.
  7. Keep track of your transactions – Screenshot your mobile transactions. Keep a record of items you bought, including the product description and price, online receipt, and the emails you send and receive from the seller.
  8. Keep personal information “personal” – Never send your card information over email or post in social media (even in a private message). Don’t respond to any suspicious emails, text messages or phone calls.
  9. Be sensible on where and how you use cards – make sure you use different passwords for every account you make with an online retailer. When logging in, don’t type your personal information out in public view where people can see your screen. Remember to log out to your account after making a purchase.
  10. Call your bank – Report any suspicious transactions to your bank immediately. Always keep the bank updated with your contact information.