Payroll crediting
payroll crediting system
Payroll Crediting System

Fast and accurate payroll crediting solutions for your business. Automatically credit salaries to your employees’ ATM Payroll Accounts on time with Optima Payroll Crediting Facility.


pc reaal time
Real-time crediting

With this feature, the funds become available in the payee's account immediately (within a few seconds) of the payment being initiated by the payer.

pos secure
Encrypted payroll-related bank files

The smartest most secure way to pay your employees, especially for companies that want to avoid the long processing times and insecure data transmission methods of traditional banks. It gives employees a convenient and secure way of getting paid. 

payrollcrediting no maintaining balance
No maintaining balance for each of your employees’ payroll account

With this feature, employees' payroll account doesn’t need any amount of maintaining balance. It’s an easy way to save time and cost by having much efficiency added.

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