Sterling Bank Payroll System
Sterling Bank Payroll System
Optima - Payroll System

Optima - Payroll System is automated, reliable, and secure to help you take care of people so you have more time to take care of your business.

It comes with software developed exclusively for Sterling Bank of Asia customers to provide an electronic solution for Human Resource Management and payroll processing of any business size that allows businesses to:

automates payroll processing
Automates payroll processing

Tedious manual payroll computations are now a thing of the past. With Optima - Payroll System, computing accurate employee wages and government contributions are simple and fast.

provide an HR Information System (HRIS)
Integrate with HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Cut-down re-encoding or logging 201 files for faster computations.

enable users to upload payroll data
Upload payroll data

Save time and energy by uploading just the needed information. No need for raw data.

No ADB requirement for each payroll accounts enrolled. With free personalized technical support services.
generate standard payroll reports
Generate standard payroll reports

Create, view and print payroll registers, payslips, plus loan and government reports with just a click.

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