Sterling Bank Corporate Governance
Sterling Bank Corporate Governance

Sterling Bank of Asia abides by corporate governance principles that are anchored on integrity, transparency, excellence, accountability, and fairness to create and maintain strong and resilient institution.

Learn more about our governance structure, articles of incorporation, by-laws, good governance policies and standards here.

Sterling Bank Board Room
Board of Directors

The Board steers the Bank’s success by ensuring that it remains competitive yet aligned with the set corporate objectives and operates at the best interests of its stakeholders. The Board approves and oversees strategic plans, risk appetite, corporate values and the overall performance of the management. Given these, the members of the Board possess integrity, relevant education and training, physical and mental fitness, competencies, and sufficient time to fully carry out their roles and responsibilities. Members are carefully selected based on their expertise, strategic skills, leadership and management styles which enable them to undertake a wide range of issues and concerns and propel the Bank forward.

Ruben C. Tiu
Chairman of the Board

Mr. Ruben C. Tiu, the Chairman, provides leadership to the Board and its committees. He consistently adheres to sound decision-making and oversees the discussion of strategic matters including discussions on risk appetite and tolerance levels as well as key governance concerns. He ensures that the Bank’s duties to its shareholders are fulfilled and acts as the link between the Board and the management.

Ruben C. Tiu
Sterling Bank Corporate-Secretary2
Sterling Bank Corporate-Secretary2-Mobile
Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary primarily assists the Board and its Board-level committees in the conduct of their respective meetings. She issues notices of all meetings, and safekeeping and preserves the integrity of the minutes of the meetings. Likewise, she oversees the drafting of the by-laws and ensures that they conform with the regulatory requirements.

Sterling Bank Board Composition
Board Composition & Qualification

The Board of Directors is composed of fifteen (15) directors, five (5) of which are independent directors.