Sterling Bank faq
Sterling Bank faq

Visa payWave is a contactless payment system that provides a fast, safe and hassle-free way to pay for small purchases. It eliminates the signature requirements for transactions worth Php2,000 or less, thus, speeding cashier check-out.

PayWave-enabled cards have several layers of security and all transactions are based on the internationa EMV chip standards, which provide the most advanced and widely accepted encryption technology for payments today.

Visa payWave allows you to make contactless payments via contactless-enabled POS terminals, while Verified by Visa is an added security feature exclusively for your online purchases.

Your ShopNPay Card needs to be within 1-2 inches to the contactless POS terminal to ensure that your card details are captured properly for payment request.

No, contactless POS terminals have a short-range read and the card must be very close to be scanned. The store/restaurant also needs to initiate the transaction by entering the payment amount for you to approve. Each transaction must be completed or voided before a new transaction can be processed.

With Visa payWave Contactless Payment, you no longer need to insert your card, enter your PIN or sign at the register when making purchases amounting to Php2,000 or less, which saves you time when checking-out.

Note: Php2,000 or less is the payWave transaction limit set by Visa Card International in the Philippines.

No, cardholder will be required to enter PIN or sign transaction slip.

Yes, you can still use your ShopNPay Card the traditional way - by using your signature or PIN. Likewise, if the POS terminal is not payWave-ready, the merchant may process your transaction the traditional way.

It works best when your ShopNPay Card is held flat over the contactless symbol displayed at the terminal, instead of an angle.

Look for the Visa payWave logo on the front of your card.

When your current non-payWave card expires, the Bank will send you a new card with the Visa payWave feature.

Should you wish your existing card to have the Visa payWave capability, just go to any Sterling Bank of Asia branch and request for a card replacement.

Note: Card replacement fee applies. Call our Customer Service Helpline or visit for more details.

Just look for the Visa payWave logo or contactless symbol in the establishment, locally and overseas.

After tapping your ShopNPay Card, you will hear a beef and "ACCEPTED" or "DECLINED" will be displayed on the contactless POS terminal and like all purchases, a receipt will be provided to you as proof of payment.

No, contactless POS terminals are designed to only make one transaction. Each transaction must be completed or voided before another payment can be accepted.

Yes. Simply insert your ShopNPay Card and go through the traditional payment process -- by using your signature or PIN.

Yes. Millions of places around the world accept contactless payments, wherever you see the Contactless Symbol.

If the POS terminal couldn't read your ShopNPay Card or your transaction was declined, try again by inserting your card to process your payment as EMV chip transaction. Otherwise, your card is damaged. Just go to any Sterling Bank of Asia branch and request for a card replacement.

Note: Card replacement fee applies. 

No, Visa payWave's contactless feature is only limited to the actual use of the physical card itself.

For more questions regarding the Visa payWave, you may contact us through the following:

  • Customer Service Helpline at +632 8721-6000
  • Email
  • Visit any Sterling Bank of Asia branch near you