Sterling Bank faq
Sterling Bank faq

The ShopNPay U.S. Dollar prepaid card is a reloadable U.S. Dollar based EMV* card designed to offer a convenient and secure payment option when you travel abroad especially in countries using USD ($) as its local currency.

*EMV which stands for Europay, Mastercard, Visa is the global standard for chip-based credit and debit transactions. Compared with the existing magnetic stripe cards, the computing power of the chip ensures security and global interoperability so that Visa cards can be accepted around the world.

With a ShopNPay U.S. Dollar prepaid card, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free yourself from worries on volatile foreign exchange rate fluctuations for all your USD

($) card purchases or USD ($) cash withdrawals.

  • Reduces the risk of carrying actual U.S Dollar bills when travelling.
  • You can control how much USD funds you want to use for purchases.
  • Pay your purchases in any of the 29 million Visa accredited merchants/terminals*
  • Access your USD ($) funds via any Visa/Plus affiliate-ATMs in more than 170 countries
  • Convert your USD ($) funds to PHP at your convenience at any 9,000 BancNet ATMs locally.

*Note that for transactions not in USD currency, amount is subject to the conversion based on the prevailing foreign exchange rate. Payment for foreign investments is not allowed. (e.g. Bonds, Stocks)

You can load your ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card through the following:

  • Transfer funds* from your Solo Dollar Savings account via your branch of account (Free of charge).
  • Via inward remittances**.

Over-the-counter loading of Dollar is not allowed.

* The amount for loading should not be sourced from the banking system or proceeds from loans.
**Transaction may be subject to applicable bank charges.

You can easily check your ShopNPay U.S.Dollar Prepaid Card balance through the following:

  • Any VISA/ Plus affiliated ATMs available internationally.
  • Any BancNet ATM in the Philippines.
  • Any Sterling Bank of Asia ATM in the Philippines.

For ATMs not supporting USD ($) currency, the funds will be converted to the base currency of the ATM.

You can withdraw USD notes from any ATM that that supports USD notes. Otherwise, the notes withdrawn from the ATM will be converted to the local currency of the country where the ATM is deployed.

No. The Interbank fund transfer feature is not supported by your ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card.

There are no transaction charges for purchases made at any VISA accredited merchants. However, a minimum charge will be deducted from your ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card every time you transact with an ATM.

Balance Inquiry — US$ 1.00
Successful withdrawal — US$ 3.00
Declined transactions — US$ 1.00

Note: Purchases via non USD point-of-sale terminals or e-commerce sites will result to forex charges which will be passed on to your ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card.

Yes. The ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card can be used globally at any VISA affiliated merchant establishments and ATMs. Please note however that the transaction amount will be converted from the local currency to USD ($) for debiting from your ShopNPay U.S. Dollar Prepaid Card.

You will need to report your lost/stolen card immediately for deactivation at Sterling Bank of Asia Customer Service Helplines +632 8721 6000 and +632 8672-6300.

You may call our ShopNPay cardholder support at +632 8721-6000 and +632 8672-6300, or you may call your branch of account and speak to our Sales Officer to assist you with your concerns.

You can also email us at